As a whole we never really stop to think about the miserable existence of others. Many people around the world are in much worse circumstances than we see here at home in the United States. We have rarely a full scale battle on our soil, let alone the raging of what seems to be an eternal war. The struggle that some people face in their day to day lives amounts to much more than “How do we make our mortgage payment this month” or “What am I going to do about losing my job”. Struggle for some people means “How do I make it through this day with my life” or “Where are we going to find some food because we have not had any for days.”

There are people all over this world who find it hard to supply their families with the things they need because the building they used to work at now belongs to people who rape, torture and kill people that don’t see eye to eye with them. Many people find they are caught up in an eternal power struggle they have nothing to do with. They are at the mercy of those who have more power than they do. All that these people hope for is a safe place to live and a way that they can provide for their family. When you take a good hard look at the harsh reality that these people face you can begin to imagine what it is like to be in their shoes. This is a situation many of us would not wish on our worst enemy.

Let’s examine some of the harsh realities that these people face. To begin, many refugees are good hard working people who try very hard to live good lives. Imagine for a moment having your home invaded by armed men who appose the government. These men claim they have every right to lay siege to the city you live in & wage war against it’s government and civilians. They begin to wreak havoc on the entire population and the only escape in to take flight in the middle of the night with you family. You bring only what you can carry and escape with your life. You are safe for the moment until you realize the existence you have now been saddled with. You must rely on others to take care of you. The new safer home you have found has it’s own perils you come to find. When you are dealing with un sanitary conditions and not enough food to go around things have a way of getting worse. Many people find that the neighbors who fled for their lives have taken to crime to survive.

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