Refugee Story 1

Hashmut Siddat was a young teenager living in Afghanistan with his family and working at his local restaurant. A war had occurred in his lifetime and he was a survivor, he had also helped his family move through the war with him. Before he went through the war, he was considered a privileged child. His family was still together, they were living on a good salary, and he came from a good education. In 2002, Hashmut’s parents passed away and he and his two brothers left the country in hope of refuge. He applied with USCIS for the status of a refugee in 2004. They inspected what was left of his family and granted him the status.

Hashmut decided that they needed to go undetected and they lived in a a refugee camp for a few years. Nothing was safe anymore for Hashmut, he could no longer get the education he needed, his family was falling apart, and he was unemployed. They were encouraged to move to the United States and it cost them a lot to pick up their entire lives and move. He went back into school but was bullied and spat on by the American children. He tried to get jobs multiple times but nobody would take him because of his ethnicity. He finally settled down at a grocery store and dropped out of school before he could make it to college. The Afghanistan war had ended but it was still a dangerous place to live. Hashmut longed to go back to living his previous peaceful life with his family but nothing would ever be the same after they had applied for refuge.

After many years of living in the United States, American Refuge company’s started to help Hashmut Siddat and his family, trying to get them back on their feet and giving them all of the comfort they needed. The Americans were very helpful to Hashmut when he needed it the most. They helped Hashmut get into a college that would help him excel in what he wanted to do and he studied the arts. He kept working at the grocery store to give some support to his two younger brothers until they were old enough to support themselves.
He realized after he was helped, that he wants to help other refugees because he understands how much they have to go through just to make a living for themselves without fear. He went back the refugee community and to this day remains faithful to them. Helping them with whatever they need and paying back his thanks. Today, he has graduated college and settled down with his wife and two kids in Arizona, he gives back to the refugee community in his free time and works as an artist. His two younger brothers have both made it into college and they are happy again. The Refuge they got was the best thing that had ever happened to Hashmut Siddat.

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